I have a kid. (no way) Way.

Hello there.  On November 18th, we had a kid.  She’s rad.  I am tired.  Her name is Georgia Mae.

I was performing up until the week before she was born.  It was pretty difficult, but I was lucky to have been a part of some great shows so I didn’t mind dragging my big pregnant self and my guitar around the city too much.  She wasn’t due until December 1st, but on November 17th, I took a really long, and rather uncomfortable walk across town, thinking to myself the whole way “This is my last walk.”  I expected the next 2 weeks to be filled with watching movies on the couch and indulging in ice cream binges while I anxiously awaited her arrival.  But at midnight that night – sploosh – and the rest is history.  I will say that I was probably the least graceful woman in childbirth ever.  But 9 hours of labor later, I had this cool little chick in my arms…

I did a show at the Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn on December 17th – it was my first night back and although I felt terribly guilty leaving her, I had an awesome time being me again.  Looking forward to finding out what 2011 has in store for me as a performer and mom.  Should be an interesting journey.  Stay tuned…

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