Plugging along . . .

Since these sites have been kind enough to plug me and my album, I want to return the favor. is a smart, sexy site by Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey who have co-authored FIVE books and are self proclaimed “Emily Posts of the modern bedroom.”

The talented Eliza Skinner writes a blog that is filled with hilarious and honest insight. She is one of hardest working and funniest ladies around town.

Rachel Kramer Bussell is an incredible supporter of clever naughtiness. She’s written for The Village Voice, Penthouse, numerous anthologies and her novel, “Everything But . . . ” is being published this year by Bantam.

Stefani Shock is a screenwriter turned blogger, now writing “The Pulitzer Blog.” Her sardonic and hilarious views of her crazy world are highlighted in her diary-like posts where she explores everything from her recent tattoo removal to who you should always refuse as a friend on facebook. It may seem like she’s yelling at you – but she’s not. (a daily romp on the sexy side) is an online women’s magazine which explores all things frisky. And I have to say, the fact that the Frisky editor, Amelia McDonell-Parry, lists salami as one of her “interests” makes me want to read her site every day. I LOVE salami.

Lastly – I want to give our new FEARSOME video a shout out. The final version of “Gungrease” is now finished and posted. I think these points should sell you on it: Ass, Gungrease, and more ass. Enjoy! You can see it on my “sketch” page, or you can visit FEARSOME‘s website.


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